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I got an email from Trish yesterday saying that she’d been passing my Gym Buddy mini-CDRs around some of the staff at the UU Sport’s Centre and that one of the hockey coaches was interested in seeing if I could help him get some promotional material sorted for the beginning of the pre-season training.

I emailed Ricky and met with him this morning to find out exactly what it was he was after. The idea of the marketing is to attract players who are currently students at UUJ but play for outside clubs, to come and play for the club based at Jordanstown.  The idea is to give them a cd with the informaton and benefits of playing at UUJ rather than a flyer that can simply be thrown away and make the appeal of the UUJ team and base more interactive.

Ricky is aiming to have this ready to distribute by the end of July at the UU summer hockey camp and then further promote it during the Fresher’s Fayre in early September.

I also got a text yesterday from a guy who used to work with me asking me to do a bit of work for a friend of his who is starting a new business so I should find the details of this out pretty soon and hopefully get a bit more work to keep me busy!


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