Leavers DVDs & Hockey Progression …

This past week I have been working on a project for a friend who is a Primary 7 teacher and wanted a DVD of his class before they left and moved on to secondary school.  I spent all day last Friday filming the kids who had prepared a piece for camera about different experiences they’ve had during their time at primary school and also recorded a few comments from the teachers that had taught them.

I began editing the footage on Monday and came up with the idea of having a montage of old school photos at the beginning and then the video clips, followed by another montage of newer photos.  I also designed a CD label for each disc and burned thirty copies for each child and teacher which were distributed on the last day of term.  The DVD was greatly appreciated by the children and I have received a few emails of thanks from parents and teachers which is always a good sign!

I’ve also been spending a lot of time working on the marketing CDROM for the UUJ Ladies Hockey club and have developed a fresh layout and have began filling the design with content.  My main contact in UUJ, Ricky, has been fantastic in providing me with content and giving me feedback regarding the layout and look-and-feel of the CD so I feel things are really pushing forward well for this project.

The idea is to have this ready for the hockey summer camps in mid-July so hopefully with the content being provided by Ricky within the next few weeks, we’ll achieve this deadline and hopefully the end result will be useful to the Sports Centre and generate some publicity for the hockey club.


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