Graphic Designer | Northern Ireland
Graphic Designer | Northern Ireland

Amazon Disaster …

After such a positive week last week getting everything sorted for Ricky ready for the Freshers’ Fayre, Amazon let me down big style.  The cases arrived and I printed the covers for all 50 discs and was waiting on the discs arriving … and I’m still waiting!

I contacted the seller through Amazon Marketplace and they told me they’d be with me in 48 hours … 4 days after that I got an email saying the money for them was going to be credited to my account as I had returned the CDs!  Complete mess!

Luckily Ricky had a change of plan and didn’t need the CDs for Freshers so I’ve reordered the discs using another seller and am just waiting on the final sign off from Ricky to start burning the finalised versions!

I also got a call from the University on Friday evening after I’d finished work asking if I could come and take some photos of a reception that was happening for the Northern Irish Commonwealth Youth Games team in the Jordanstown campus because they couldn’t get hold of a photographer.

I jumped at the chance and quickly got changed and headed down to meet Alison in the Sports Centre.  There were a number of dignitaries there including Dame Mary Peters so I felt quite privileged to be asked to be asked to take a few shots on behalf of the Commonwealth Committee.