Rebranding, Rejection & Relocation …

I decided a few weeks ago that my current batch of business cards weren’t really that appealing in a design sense.  Yes they showed off some of my photography portfolio but didn’t really stand out in a crowd … so I decided on a little bit of rebranding.

I still like the grungey feel of the paint-splatter effect so decided to base my design on it but use a variety of shades and gradients to add a bit of colour to the cards so they would stand out.  Below is an example of on of the new batch that arrived during the week.

I also got word back from the interview I had with Barclay Communications in Belfast the other week and unfortunately I didn’t get the position I had applied for … so for the mean time I’ll still be working part-time in Next to keep the bank account ticking over!

I was also asked by Niall McConkey, the elder for youth in my church to design a new poster for the welcome board of the church and church halls to incorporate the mission statement of the youth ministry of Ballyclare Presbyterian.


Finally I guess I should say this’ll probably be my last post for a couple of weeks at least as on Monday morning at 11:20am I will be leaving Belfast on a jet-plane bound for Orlando, Florida for a well deserved break with my better half!  Currently the weather is scattered thunderstorms but when it’s 29°C, I don’t think I’ll mind to much!


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