Graduation, Christmas, New Year & A Really Long Post …

So Christmas has been and gone and we’re fresh into a New Year … and I’m finally back online after a fortnight without Internet access! It’s amazing how useless your laptop becomes without Internet access but I managed …… just about!

So just before Christmas, Jena graduated from her Masters course in Animal Welfare and Behaviour (I think that’s the right title!) … so the suit got dusted off for another outing which turned out to be a really good day and one that made me very proud of her!

Christmas was the usual drill in the Kelly household … I was working until seven on Christmas Eve so by the time I got home the turkey was half cooked and the kitchen looked like a branch of Tesco had exploded over it with so many different types of food in so many different types of kitchenware … pans, dishes, bowls etc etc etc!

Christmas Day again had a familiar itinerary to it … up late;  church;  back home;   open presents;  Christmas dinner;  vegetate!

Christmas Day drew to a close with the usual tea at granny’s house and then a visit to Jena’s house … where I had to collect my presents since we’d been working up until Christmas Eve.  I arrived home eager to open and play with my new Nikon digital camera and ripped open the wrapping and box to find … no camera … they had sold us the box for the display camera!  Luckily we managed to get the money back so hopefully I’ll be getting my Christmas present soon! :p

Boxing Day means one thing … BB Officers vs. Senior Boys football match … the one every boy wants to play in so they can kick lumps out of the officers!  Unfortunately this year’s result went the way of the boys by five goals to two so a rethink is needed for the officers before next Boxing Day!

The New Year was welcomed in between several hours of Mario Kart on the Wii at a friend’s house … so here we are a fortnight into 2009 already … a New Year and hopefully a successful one whatever your hopes are.  I tried to write down my goals for 2009 and the things I’m looking forward to this year …

  1. Find a job doing something I love
  2. Buy my own car
  3. Look forward to a summer break with Jen somewhere sunny!
  4. BB Camp in London
  5. PCI Team… hopefully back to Woodvale!


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