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A New Discovery …

Last night I went to the Starsailor gig in Spring & Airbrake. I don’t know a lot about Starsailor and have only heard a couple of their tracks so I was going into the evening with a fairly open mind and was looking forward to a decent gig.

What followed really blew me away, not only were Starsailor awesome and rattled through a lengthy set and a seven (yes 7!) track encore, but the support band really knocked me for six.

The Parlotones were completely unknown to me at 9pm last night but as I write this I am listening to some of their new album through and am planning to buy a few back-catalogue tracks from iTunes.  Based between Johannesburg and London, their grungy punk image is completely unrepresented by their sound … incredibly melodic lyrics laid over a mix of acoustic and rock instrumentals … the making for some amazing tracks and a band not to be missed.

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