Graphic Designer | Northern Ireland
Graphic Designer | Northern Ireland

An Amazing Change …

Woodvale is a place close to my heart … plain and simple.  Since serving on the PCI Team there last summer it’s a part of Belfast that I’ve grown to love and it always feels good returning because everyone is so friendly and welcoming … something I feel is a real rarity in churches today … perhaps I’m just picking the unfriendly ones?!

Last night I headed over to the SQUAT Youth Service looking forward to seeing a few of the guys from the area and maybe a few of the team from last summer … what I witnessed completely blew me away.

Six months ago, there were no young people in the church on a Sunday at all … last night saw a group of young people not only  be in the building, but leading the entire service.  Everything from worship and praise, a goose-bump inducing version of the Lifehouse sketch, to some moving personal testimonies and a congregation full of their own families really showed just how much work God has done in this place in six short months.

I love the fact that afterwards Ken, the minister, took the time to thank them and to invite them to lead another service … showing just how much this change means to him and the rest of the Woodvale community.  I also love how afterwards they love hanging out in the church talking, playing the drums, messing around and having a bit of banter … this is what church is meant to be like!

If any of you happen to read this … I love how you guys are making this church your own … I salute you for seizing the opportunity and always remember greater things are still to be done in your city.