Graphic Designer | Northern Ireland
Graphic Designer | Northern Ireland

The ‘Vale ’09 …

It’s hard to believe that it’s almost a year since I did the PCI team to Woodvale and even harder to believe that it’s coming around again … fast! ┬áThis year I’ve been asked to lead the teenager’s section in the mornings which I’m delighted about as I got on so well with the group last year.

We had our first (and maybe last?!) section leader’s meeting last week and everything seems to be falling into place with plans for the Kid’s Club sounding amazing!

I was also given the task of being our advertising guru for the week so have come up with the following rough designs for the week’s programme … all comments / criticisms / praise / advice would be greatly appreciated!

There’s still lots of planning and finalising of details etc to be done so a big ask for lots of prayers to be chucked up for us please … it would be greatly appreciated by the whole team I’m sure!