The Eve of The Vale ’09 …

Tomorrow (technically it’s later today since midnight has passed) I head off on my PCI Summer Outreach team back to Woodvale.  Like I’ve said before Woodvale is a place that feels like it’s part of me since I was part of the team last year … the church is so welcoming, the kids are fantastic to work with and the team just clicked … so I guess I’m hoping for more of the same this year.

In fact I’m looking for more than that … our God is a God who can “do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine” (Ephesians 3:20) so I’m looking forward to a more welcoming church and community, more amazing teens with their own backgrounds, troubles, fears and hopes and I’m looking forward to working and serving with 24 other fantastic team members each of whom will bring something completely unique to the team.

Behind all the excitement there are obviously some nerves … fear of no-one turning up … fear of the weather staying the way it’s been recently … fear of massive technical failures … ok maybe  I’ve been focussing on the negatives too much … but one thing I’m not afraid of is knowing that whatever happens will happen because it’s simply meant to … God has it under control!

I’ve listed a few prayer points below that I know the whole team would appreciate a few words being said to the Big Man on our behalf …

Pray For The Area:

  • For God’s Kingdom to be expanded in Woodvale…for His will to be done…and for a community to be touched by His Love.
  • For kids, young people and adults to say yes to Jesus and to begin to live transformed lives!
  • For young people who are already on a journey with God to give themselves more fully to Him, to grow in their faith and see transformation in their lives.
  • For kids and young people to realise that they are special andsignificant and that God loves them deeply.
  • For community groups who are doing vital work all year round in the community – organising activities to engage with kids and keep them from anti-social activities.

Pray For The Church:

  • For the leaders and congregation at Woodvale Presbyterian Church to be encouraged and inspired by the outreach going on this summer.
  • For the church and team to have a shared vision
  • For many people from within the church to get involved with the outreach activities.
  • That God would renew, strengthen, encourage and continue to excite the minister Ken Doherty.
  • That God would bless follow-up work that goes on – including the Sunday night ‘Squat’ group and possible new ideas for youth Bible study groups.

Pray For The Team:

  • For Jude & Chris as they take up the leadership of the team and all that that will involve.
  • For Lynn and Leanne leading the Kid’s Club and me leading the Teens Section in the mornings.
  • For Susie leading the Teens outreach in the evenings.
  • That we would have a servant-like approach to everything we do
  • That we would be united and display Jesus-like qualities
  • For team safety and protection in all we do – especially late night outreach activities.
  • For strength of mind, body and soul to face all the challenges of the week.
  • That we would step into all the divine opportunities that God will set up.
  • For wisdom and grace in dealing with any difficult young people
  • That God would give each of us some of His heart and passion for the people of Woodvale.

Thanks again in advance guys, it’s so good to know people are thinking and praying about us while we’re away!  I’ll try to keep you all posted via my Facebook status throughout the week!


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