A Crazy Few Weeks …

I honestly cannot believe as I’m sitting writing this it is the second week in September!  It seems forever since I sat down and reflected on what been happening in the last few weeks so here goes.

July 31st – August 9th (BB Camp – London)

Our annual camp took us to the BBUK Headquarters in London this year and an eventful week if nothing else lay in store for us.  The week featured a pool ball through a window, two sets of ride-on mower blades being broken, flooded tents, threats of through-the-night beatings and the typically smutty quotations that always manage to get associated with camp.  What more could you ask for?!

August 22nd – 30th (Woodvale PCI Team)

I returned to Woodvale with really high hopes and hoping everything would run smoothly.  It didn’t exactly happen like that but the week was still amazing and although it got tough at times, that made us rely on God for so much more.  The nights where we had stones through the windows and bangers and fireworks through the door was an especially testing night but we coped and thankfully no-one was injured!

Although it was tough, I wouldn’t have wanted it have been any other way … there’s no point going on a team and feeling comfortable and safe in your faith.  Teams have always challenged me to some degree and have forced me out of my own little “safe zone” and I have grown spiritually and as a person and benefited greatly from serving on these types of teams.

I think my highlight of the week was on Saturday evening at the “Woodvale’s Got Talent” live show when the downstairs of the church was about 85% full … possibly the fullest it has been in years … and three little guys who had been causing carnage most of the week stood up to perform “Our God Is A Great Big God.” I could not believe the reaction these kids got from their peers, no laughing, joking or pointing … but a sea of arms doing the same actions in complete unison … an amazing feeling of what is possible in this church and this community when we think BIG.

September Onwards …

Like I said I cannot believe it’s September already… I’m off work for a fortnight along with Jena since I’ve been away most of August!  No exotic holiday planned though as we couldn’t find anything cheap enough and it’s worked out that we couldn’t have gone because Jen’s just got a part-time lecturing job three days a week until possibly Christmas.  Just having the time off and the time together is good enough for me!

It’s been 9 months since I made this list of goals for 2009 … only one left … but it’s a biggie!

  1. Find a job doing something I love
  2. Buy my own car
  3. Look forward to a summer break with Jen somewhere sunny!
  4. BB Camp in London
  5. PCI Team… hopefully back to Woodvale!


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