Ho Ho Holy Crap Get A Life!

I’ve just arrived back home from the final trip to ASDA before Christmas and as I turned into the newly formed ice sheet that is my cul-de-sac I noticed the dashboard on my car displaying this!

I didn’t come here just to complain how cold it is though … while I was waiting to pay for my stuff in ASDA there was a middle-aged couple in front of me finishing packing up their groceries.  Nothing strange there I hear you cry, but then the man noticed that the guy on the check out had forgotten to scan through a Snickers bar and proceeded to launch into a foul-mouthed tirade of abuse towards the young guy.  When the man was told it was easy to put it through on it’s own, the man stormed off still swearing and muttering how ridiculous this was … is it just me or does he need to get a life?! Over a Snickers … really is there any need for such an attitude?! I can really sympathise with the guy on the checkout, working in a shop at this time of year is a nightmare and it really brings out the worst in some customers.  Sadly I guess it just goes to show how far Christmas has been taken from its real meaning!

On a much lighter note however I have managed to finish wrapping all my presents and am impressed that it took me just under two hours this year … or 6.7 seconds as the video below would have you believe …

[flashvideo file=”http://www.stephenkellydesign.co.uk/videos/timelapse.flv” /]

Finally I just want to say a very Merry Christmas to everyone and hope Christmas is a good one whatever you’ve got planned!


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