The Plan For 2010

So here it is … the first post of the new year … the first post of a new decade … the first post of 2010!

I don’t really make New Year Resolutions but instead try and write down some goals for the year ahead.  Last year’s list ended up looking something like this …

  1. Find a job doing something I love
  2. Buy my own car
  3. Look forward to a summer break with Jen somewhere sunny!
  4. BB Camp in London
  5. PCI Team… hopefully back to Woodvale!

This year’s is a little more extensive and looks like this …

1. Find a job doing something I love

I think it’s safe to say 2009 was an incredibly frustrating time on the job front.  Part-time employment in the same job that I’ve had since I was 17 just isn’t doing it for me any more and I need an escape route … hopefully 2010 will provide one!

2. Head back to the States with Jen

Without doubt the best holiday I’ve ever been on was to Florida in 2008 and we had planned to head back this year.  Possibly weighing up a few days in New York en-route and then down to Orlando to chill!

3. Get back into a gym routine

Since renewing my membership in July I think I’ve been to the gym maybe twice!  Playing 5 a-side football the odd week isn’t exactly a strenuous routine either so my iPod has been loaded with some heavy workout tunes and I’m determined to make Wednesday nights my gym night … you can hold me to that and check up on me if needs be!

4. Finish reading a book in the same year that I start it!

I am a terrible reader … I mean I got Richard Hammond’s autobiography two  (maybe three actually!) years ago and have yet to finish it.  I also began reading Max Lucado’s “Cure For The Common Life” in the middle of last year and am only about halfway through it!  I need a good book to hold my interest and attention so I can actually finish it … any suggestions people?

5. Spend less time on the computer

I think my sleep pattern has been completely destroyed since pulling all-nighters at uni but I have noticed I’ve been spending a ridiculous amount of time in front of my computer recently … possibly contributing to the small number of hours sleep got on average.

6. PCI Team 2010

Hopefully I’ll get the chance to head back to Woodvale again this year and build on the past two year’s work.  The numbers have increased and with the junior and senior YFs now set up and running throughout the year I’m really looking forward to getting back there and seeing what’s been happening!

7. Keep in touch with people better

I know it’s hard and people have very different schedules and things to do during the week but I felt bad this year when I got two Christmas cards from friends who I used to work with and had lost touch with over 2009.  I also got a card from a friend who I think I’ve been trying to catch up with or the last two Christmases … so 2010 is the year of better correspondence!

8. Redesign my business cards

I’ve left this to last on the list but it’s more than likely going to be the one I do first.  To be honest I like the design of my current cards but I do like to tinker and will hopefully come up with something along the same lines but a little more eye catching … watch this space!



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