Tick, Tick, Tick

Just thought I’d update the list of things I had planned at the start of 2010 to do this year.  So far I’ve managed to tick off half of them and we’re only half way through March so I guess I’m not doing too bad!

Head back to the States with Jen

We have just recently booked to head back to Orlando for two weeks in October … I know it seems a long way off but I’m really looking forward to it already and cannot wait to hit the rollercoaster trail again!

Get back into a gym routine

Wednesday nights have officially become gym night … possibly due to the lack of Liverpool featuring in any Champions League action this season which has dramatically freed up my Wednesday nights!

PCI Team 2010

I’ll be heading back to Woodvale at the end of August and will be the assistant team leader this year alongside Jude.  I was delighted when she asked me if I would help her lead and am really excited about the work that’s going to be done this year, about the team members that we’re going to have and everything that amazed me about Woodvale last year!

I guess that’s as far as it goes in terms of progress so far in 2010 … still a couple of things left on the list and probably the most important one to me is still sitting at #1 and is still unticked …

  1. Find a job doing something I love
  2. Head back to the States with Jen
  3. Get back into a gym routine
  4. Finish reading a book in the same year that I start it!
  5. Spend less time on the computer
  6. PCI Team 2010
  7. Keep in touch with people better
  8. Redesign my business cards


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