Future Dreams Turn To Real Life Nightmares


The opening line “What a difference a day made, twenty four little hours”  is from an old song that Jamie Callum covered a few years ago … the song goes on to tell of knowing that every day with someone you love is precious and how one day could have made the difference between being with them and never seeing them again.

It seems appropriate that this song came into my head when I heard the lunchtime news on the radio today.  Not even 24 hours after attending an incredibly inspiring evening in the Urban Soul Cafe held by Tell It In Colour, which used real people’s stories to reflect on the good news stories that are showing the world that Northern Ireland is changing for the better …… I find myself hearing breaking news of a man being gunned down in broad-daylight on a busy street in North Belfast.

Up until probably three years ago I had never been on the Shankill Road … never driven anywhere near it and knew no-one who lived there.  Now that area of Belfast is only a few hundred yards from where I have been involved with the Woodvale PCI team for a couple of years and is an area that I feel part of every time I go there.  It’s frightening to think that there are some people in this city who would intentionally go out of their way rob someone of a husband, a father or a son.

I guess we can only hope, dream and pray for a brighter future for this city.


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