7/7: Saved By a Miracle?


Like so many massive events in recent history, this was one that I can remember exactly where I was and what I was doing when it happened.  Thursday 7th July 2005 found me on a PCI summer team in Carlow coming to the end of an exhaustive week of kids clubs and much banter … for so many others that day will only ever remind them of the horrific events that unfolded in central London.

I managed to catch this programme on BBC iPlayer called  7/7: Saved By a Miracle? … which shares some first hand accounts of the happenings of that day and also shares the effect that it had on people’s faith and beliefs according to how the events unfolded for them and their families.  Found it very moving, yet interesting and certainly worth watching if you have 40 minutes to spare!

Here’s a direct link to the iPlayer page … BBC iPlayer : 7/7: Saved By a Miracle?


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