Viva Aviva


So on Sunday I turned 25 … or a QUARTER of a century as a lot of you preferred to tell me! On Saturday I had the chance (thanks to my little bro) to head to Dublin and watch the first match to be played at the new Lansdowne Road … or the Aviva Stadium as it’s now known. I have to say the stadium is spectacular in how it looks and feels and is definitely a huge leap forwards for Irish sport, the stewarding however left a lot to be desired.

We had been told to enter through a set of turn-styles and then head down two levels … after being shown to three different elevators and a set of stairs with a no entry sign on it we managed to eventually find our seats on the touchline.  I know this was the first time the stadium had opened its doors to the public but really … should they not have had a practice run?!

Anyway all complaining aside it was great to have been there and witness the Ulster/Leinster lads hammer their provincial rivals 68-0.  The future for Ulster and Leinster rugby look bright, especially in the back division but more worryingly the future of the Munster scrum is looking exactly how their pack were on Saturday … very very uncertain!

On my actual birthday, Jena and I went road tripping in the rain to Crawfordsburn, played a spot of UV 10-pin bowling, had dinner in Tony Romas and ended the night watching The Hangover at home!


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