2010 In Review

Around this time last year, I thought of some goals for myself to achieve during 2010. Now that 2010’s quickly drawing to a close I thought I’d review how many I managed to achieve …

1. Find a job doing something I love – SUCCESSFUL!

You cannot possibly know how happy and grateful I am to be able to scrub this off my list.  After so long with seemingly no hope of finding a full-time job in what is the worst economic downturn in the last century, things came good and I have a new job to start 2011 with.  A lot of people were immensely supportive during the rough times so I want to say thanks and I totally appreciate it!

2. Head back to the States with Jen – SUCCESSFUL!

This was a VERY much needed break that we were both glad of.  We hadn’t had a proper holiday together since the last time we were in the USA so headed back to Orlando again and had a fantastic two weeks.

3. Get back into a gym routine – MOSTLY SUCCESSFUL!

I managed to be more regular at the gym this year although I’m not going to go as far as calling it a routine just yet!  Hopefully I’ll manage to make it into a routine in 2011!

4. Finish reading a book in the same year that I start it! – FAILED!

… and failed miserably!  Started the year reading Sir Ian McGeehan’s autobiography “Lion Man” and managed to get a few chapters under my belt before giving up on it.  Later in the year I began reading a book called  “God on Mute” which deals with the dilemma of unanswered prayer and the reasons for it.  I even took it to America with me and managed to get into it when lying by the pool … but still haven’t managed to finish it!

5. Spend less time on the computer – FAILED!

Realistically this was never going to happen!  I did manage to get a good bit more freelance work this year so that’s my excuse for spending a ridiculous amount of time on my laptop!

6. PCI Team 2010 – SUCCESSFUL!

… and what a success story!  Easily the best team I’ve ever been part of and my hopes and prayers are high for the future of the youth work happening at Woodvale.  It’s become part of me … part of my PCI team history and a pretty amazing part of my life.

7. Keep in touch with people better – MOSTLY SUCCESSFUL!

I’ve always been pretty good at keeping in touch with friends and I guess I did as best as I normally do.  A good friend of mine found herself teaching on the Isle of Man and unfortunately I haven’t been as good at keeping in contact with her as I’d like but am looking forward to a good catch up when she’s home for Christmas.  I have also been trying to arrange a catch up with an old PCI team mate from my Carlow days but we always somehow manage to never be free at the same time … maybe some time in 2011!

8. Redesign my business cards – SUCCESSFUL!

This was an easy one and was completed within the first few weeks of 2010.  I’m really pleased with how my new business cards have turned out and they have been put to very good use this year!


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