Gracias por todo El Niño

I’m not going to pretend that I’m not gutted about this … because I am … majorly … but the deal has been done and Fernando Torres is now a Chelsea player … with around £50 million coming back in return.

Torres was genuinely the first world class player that Liverpool have signed in a very long time and I can remember queuing to get his name printed on my shirt on the day we signed him back in 2007 … I queued so long that I was actually late for work!   You couldn’t argue with his record of 81 goals in 142 games and when he was on fire he was unstoppable.

The problems started with his persistent injuries and the frustration that came out of that … then came the lack of domestic silverware when he has tasted World Cup victory with Spain and the final nail in the coffin … the abysmal start to the current season which leaves us out of every domestic cup, not in Europe and not going to qualify for any European competition next season.

In all honesty I can’t blame him for wanting to leave … his heart wasn’t in it and he wants to win things and he no doubt will with Chelsea but a part of me still feels that Andy Carroll has a very big number 9 shirt to fill … only time will tell!


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