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Northern Ireland has a reputation that sadly and all-to-often seems to precede any news story that comes from our wee country. When news from here reaches a national level the usual headlines typically involve murder, bombings, tragedy and many other equally negative connotations … but Tell It In Colour aims to change this … and change it for a new hopeful generation of people.

TIIC began as an idea by a friend of mine who works for a television and radio station and wanted to show that there were good news stories out there that just didn’t get the air-time they deserved. Since that initial idea, it has grown into an organisation that is aiming to fill the grapevine with stories of hope and show the positivity that is contained within the people of this country.

Some of the stories from the site were the basis of an evening a couple of weeks ago in the Black Box in Belfast. Alongside the stories, local singer-songwriter Stewart McIlrath used the evening to launch his debut album entitled ‘Stories of Life’. The album adds another string to the very creative Tell It In Colour bow and is well worth a listen (link to iTunes below)

The video below will give you a taste for how the evening went and check out the Tell It In Colour site for future events of a similar hopeful and positive nature!

Stewart McIlrath – ‘Stories of Life’ (on iTunes)
Stewart McIlrath – Homepage
Tell It In Colour – Homepage


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