Stories Of Life

Northern Ireland has a reputation that sadly and all-to-often seems to precede any news story that comes from our wee country. When news from here reaches a national level the usual headlines typically involve murder, bombings, tragedy and many other equally negative connotations … but Tell It In Colour aims to change this … and change it for a new hopeful generation of people.

TIIC began as an idea by a friend of mine who works for a television and radio station and wanted to show that there were good news stories out there that just didn’t get the air-time they deserved. Since that initial idea, it has grown into an organisation that is aiming to fill the grapevine with stories of hope and show the positivity that is contained within the people of this country.

Some of the stories from the site were the basis of an evening a couple of weeks ago in the Black Box in Belfast. Alongside the stories, local singer-songwriter Stewart McIlrath used the evening to launch his debut album entitled ‘Stories of Life’. The album adds another string to the very creative Tell It In Colour bow and is well worth a listen (link to iTunes below)

The video below will give you a taste for how the evening went and check out the Tell It In Colour site for future events of a similar hopeful and positive nature!

Stewart McIlrath – ‘Stories of Life’ (on iTunes)
Stewart McIlrath – Homepage
Tell It In Colour – Homepage


Ignite 2011

In association with Crown Jesus Ministries, Ballyclare Presbyterian are hosting a youth event that is open to all young people of the Newtownabbey area. Spread the word and come along for an unforgettable evening!

Ignite is being held in association with Crown Jesus Ministries as part of a joint church project which is running in the Newtownabbey area from January to May 2011. Ballyclare Presbyterian church is one of 14 local churches taking part in the project which aims to support an exciting programme of evangelism that could reach many people across the area with the good news of Jesus.

A New Look

8. Redesign my business cards

So I kicked off 2010 with a list and the first thing to be fully completed has been ticked off it.

I decided I needed a new look for my business cards so came up with something similar in design but added a bit of a personal (if sometimes random) touch on the back of each card with a fact about me.


Leavers DVDs & Hockey Progression …

This past week I have been working on a project for a friend who is a Primary 7 teacher and wanted a DVD of his class before they left and moved on to secondary school.  I spent all day last Friday filming the kids who had prepared a piece for camera about different experiences they’ve had during their time at primary school and also recorded a few comments from the teachers that had taught them.

I began editing the footage on Monday and came up with the idea of having a montage of old school photos at the beginning and then the video clips, followed by another montage of newer photos.  I also designed a CD label for each disc and burned thirty copies for each child and teacher which were distributed on the last day of term.  The DVD was greatly appreciated by the children and I have received a few emails of thanks from parents and teachers which is always a good sign!

I’ve also been spending a lot of time working on the marketing CDROM for the UUJ Ladies Hockey club and have developed a fresh layout and have began filling the design with content.  My main contact in UUJ, Ricky, has been fantastic in providing me with content and giving me feedback regarding the layout and look-and-feel of the CD so I feel things are really pushing forward well for this project.

The idea is to have this ready for the hockey summer camps in mid-July so hopefully with the content being provided by Ricky within the next few weeks, we’ll achieve this deadline and hopefully the end result will be useful to the Sports Centre and generate some publicity for the hockey club.


UUJ Hockey …

I got an email from Trish yesterday saying that she’d been passing my Gym Buddy mini-CDRs around some of the staff at the UU Sport’s Centre and that one of the hockey coaches was interested in seeing if I could help him get some promotional material sorted for the beginning of the pre-season training.

I emailed Ricky and met with him this morning to find out exactly what it was he was after. The idea of the marketing is to attract players who are currently students at UUJ but play for outside clubs, to come and play for the club based at Jordanstown.  The idea is to give them a cd with the informaton and benefits of playing at UUJ rather than a flyer that can simply be thrown away and make the appeal of the UUJ team and base more interactive.

Ricky is aiming to have this ready to distribute by the end of July at the UU summer hockey camp and then further promote it during the Fresher’s Fayre in early September.

I also got a text yesterday from a guy who used to work with me asking me to do a bit of work for a friend of his who is starting a new business so I should find the details of this out pretty soon and hopefully get a bit more work to keep me busy!