All Change


The last couple of months have been a real time of change for me.  From simple material things like my phone and car, to pretty major life decisions, which includes a change of church for the first time in my life.

I have grown up in Ballyclare Presbyterian since the age of 3 and have made some great friends through the church and organisations and it’s not something that I will forget quickly, but I have felt that for the last year, I needed a bigger challenge and to feel that I had a chance to learn something myself.  There were times that I honestly felt like I was giving everything I could to help and still feeling like I was being used and not having a chance to grow in my faith.

It’s probably the scariest life decision I’ve had to make, purely because I faced it alone and it was a major case of stepping out of the comfort-zone from a place where everyone had known me for the last 20 years and into a completely new place, where I thought that only a couple of people would know me. I arrived in the car park of Carnmoney Presbyterian and literally questioned myself for a few minutes … “What are you doing? You’re not going to know anyone here.” “Why didn’t you bring someone with you?!” etc etc … but finally plucked up the courage and headed for the front doors.

The door was opened for me as I approached and I was greeted by the familiar face of a guy (Matt) who I used to work with in Next a few years ago.  Relief was now the overwhelming feeling and then we began chatting as if we’d only seen each other the previous week and the fear barrier quickly subsided.  He introduced me to his (now) wife and a few friends and I felt instantly welcome and that these were my kind of people who I would enjoy being around.

Over the last couple of months I’ve got to know a lot more people, added a lot more Twitter followers, been invited into people’s homes, sang worship songs I’d never even heard being sang in a church before, been challenged directly by what’s being preached and have left the church building some Sunday evenings in complete awe of God.

One song that has been a regular on the set-list is “Cornerstone” by Hillsong … if you don’t remember anything that I’ve written about in this post, please just listen to the words of this song … simply incredible.

Paul writes this in Romans 12 v 2:

And do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind, that you may prove what the will of God is, that which is good and acceptable and perfect.

I really believe that this new start in a new place is exactly the way to renew my mind and to continue to challenge me in how I act and live outside of the four walls of a church, outside of a Sunday evening. The people who I have met and got to know in the short time I’ve been at Carnmoney have made the world of difference and I feel like I’ve been part of that family for years rather than a few months … so thank you for helping me make that change.


A New Look & New Hope


So 2010 finally came good for me and I have high hopes for 2011 … obviously very much looking forward to starting my new job and all that it will entail, as well as a few other events already planned for 2011.  I’ve also (as you’ll have hopefully noticed) changed the look and feel of my site and although it’s still the same address I’ll mainly be using it for blogging and social media stuff and less of the freelance portfolio side of things from now on.

I’ll hopefully manage to come up with a new witty domain name for my personal bloggings but for the moment you can still enjoy them here …


ps. Any witty suggestions or feedback on the new site would be great 🙂

A Change From The Norm …

I haven’t posted anything in a while because, well there was nothing major to report … and then just like buses (as the saying goes) loads of things happen at once!

I was asked to continue with the design elements of the PULSE services in my church, which this year is focusing on the theme of “Running On Empty? … Filled With God’s Power”.

For the first service I decided to just introduce the theme and based the intro around a video I found on YouTube a while ago where a guy took a time lapse of driving across the USA.  I used the song “Road I’m On” by Three Doors Down to accompany the video and just had the theme fade in at the end and the PULSE logo to end on.

November also means one thing … rugby internationals!  I managed to get to two of the three tests this year, against the All Blacks and Argentina.  The All Blacks game was the second time I’d seen them play Ireland and the third time overall but I still get goosebumps when you hear the Haka live in a buzzing stadium like Croke Park!  The seats were right on the touchline beside the players tunnel so was a pretty amazing spot for photos!


For the Argentina game, Jena and I were in the Hill section of Croke which also gave a pretty amazing view of the whole ground … and even though we won, we still were nowhere near convincing!

I also got word in work that I’d be spending a couple of weeks away from the AbbeyCentre helping to set up new home stores in Sprucefield and Holywood.  To be honest I was dreading it, because it was total carnage trying to organise how we were getting there and what shifts we were working … but having just finished the Sprucefield store, I have to admit I really did enjoy it.

Don’t get me wrong, I mean it was hard work and there were nights I came home feeling like I’d been 12 rounds with Joe Calzaghe, but meeting people from other stores as far away as Edinburgh and Aberdeen was really cool.  Seeing the whole shop take shape and knowing that I was part of it was also a really good feeling … I don’t normally speak about work in such a positive way but this time I really enjoyed it … see if I feel the same this time next week when I’ll have done it all over again in Holywood!