History Makers


So a few weeks ago I joined this group on Facebook which aimed to get the Delirious song “History Maker” into the top 40 for the week running up to Easter.  I hadn’t really been keeping an eye on how the group was growing, but now it has just over 54,000 members and I was absolutely amazed to hear it being played at number 6 in the mid-week chart on BBC Radio 1 this afternoon.

The band will donate their proceeds from the singles to the CompassionArt charity, to be shared among projects working around the world. For more information visit www.compassionart.tv.

If you’ve not done it, sign up to www.facebook.com/invadetheairwaves – invite your friends to join and use your status to tell others all about it.

Something huge is happening and it’s spreading a powerful message via the airwaves … click here to download the song from iTunes >>


Greatest Day In History …

There are many events that I would consider the best of my life … one for example … Wednesday September 7th 2005 when plucky little Northern Ireland took the scalp of the multi-million pound earning English at Windsor Park with one swing of David Healy’s right foot … a night that will stick with me for many years to come … but hopefully the best days of my life are still to come; marriage, the birth of my first child etc etc.

In terms of the greatest day though, as a Christian it’s a fairly close call between Christmas Day and Easter Sunday … Christmas for Jesus birth and Easter for his Resurrection.  For me personally Easter always seems to really ram home the epically powerful story of Jesus death and ultimately resurrection no matter how many times I’ve heard it through church in the past.

This year I was asked to speak at our Dawn Service which I was more than happy to do and also edited together a few clips into the video below to show during the normal morning service.