Amazon Disaster …

After such a positive week last week getting everything sorted for Ricky ready for the Freshers’ Fayre, Amazon let me down big style.  The cases arrived and I printed the covers for all 50 discs and was waiting on the discs arriving … and I’m still waiting!

I contacted the seller through Amazon Marketplace and they told me they’d be with me in 48 hours … 4 days after that I got an email saying the money for them was going to be credited to my account as I had returned the CDs!  Complete mess!

Luckily Ricky had a change of plan and didn’t need the CDs for Freshers so I’ve reordered the discs using another seller and am just waiting on the final sign off from Ricky to start burning the finalised versions!

I also got a call from the University on Friday evening after I’d finished work asking if I could come and take some photos of a reception that was happening for the Northern Irish Commonwealth Youth Games team in the Jordanstown campus because they couldn’t get hold of a photographer.

I jumped at the chance and quickly got changed and headed down to meet Alison in the Sports Centre.  There were a number of dignitaries there including Dame Mary Peters so I felt quite privileged to be asked to be asked to take a few shots on behalf of the Commonwealth Committee.


It’s Been A While (part ii) …

Where do I begin … I thought keeping this blog would help me to keep a record of everything that I do but I never seem to get the time to sit down and write it as often as I’d like to.

So … about a month-or-so ago I was part of the PCI Team to Woodvale Presbyterian in north Belfast and was completely blown away by everything that happened that week. I’ll admit I was a bit anxious heading off on the team but once we got there and the team got settled we had an amazing week.  God answered so many prayers in so many ways and as a team we all really focussed on God for everything that week.  Explaining it here doesn’t do it justice … I guess you just had to be part of it to know what I mean!

Aside from that life has gotten back to normal pretty quickly and going back to work felt like I’d never been away!  I do have two fabulous weeks planned in Florida in mid-October so that’s what’s keeping me going at the minute!


I’ve also been finishing up the CDROM for the UUJ Ladies Hockey Club.  I met with Ricky last week and showed him the version which was about 85% complete and he loved it.  There were a few changes to be made, with the hockey club having rebranded itself as the “Ulster Elks” so some time was spent checking the entire content to ensure this change was reflected.  A history section was also added as well as the completion of the interactive campus map.

Overall I’m really pleased with how this project has come together and will hopefully generate me some business through word-of-mouth and with the help of the CDs being given out at the UUJ Freshers Fayre next Thursday.


Leavers DVDs & Hockey Progression …

This past week I have been working on a project for a friend who is a Primary 7 teacher and wanted a DVD of his class before they left and moved on to secondary school.  I spent all day last Friday filming the kids who had prepared a piece for camera about different experiences they’ve had during their time at primary school and also recorded a few comments from the teachers that had taught them.

I began editing the footage on Monday and came up with the idea of having a montage of old school photos at the beginning and then the video clips, followed by another montage of newer photos.  I also designed a CD label for each disc and burned thirty copies for each child and teacher which were distributed on the last day of term.  The DVD was greatly appreciated by the children and I have received a few emails of thanks from parents and teachers which is always a good sign!

I’ve also been spending a lot of time working on the marketing CDROM for the UUJ Ladies Hockey club and have developed a fresh layout and have began filling the design with content.  My main contact in UUJ, Ricky, has been fantastic in providing me with content and giving me feedback regarding the layout and look-and-feel of the CD so I feel things are really pushing forward well for this project.

The idea is to have this ready for the hockey summer camps in mid-July so hopefully with the content being provided by Ricky within the next few weeks, we’ll achieve this deadline and hopefully the end result will be useful to the Sports Centre and generate some publicity for the hockey club.


UUJ Hockey …

I got an email from Trish yesterday saying that she’d been passing my Gym Buddy mini-CDRs around some of the staff at the UU Sport’s Centre and that one of the hockey coaches was interested in seeing if I could help him get some promotional material sorted for the beginning of the pre-season training.

I emailed Ricky and met with him this morning to find out exactly what it was he was after. The idea of the marketing is to attract players who are currently students at UUJ but play for outside clubs, to come and play for the club based at Jordanstown.  The idea is to give them a cd with the informaton and benefits of playing at UUJ rather than a flyer that can simply be thrown away and make the appeal of the UUJ team and base more interactive.

Ricky is aiming to have this ready to distribute by the end of July at the UU summer hockey camp and then further promote it during the Fresher’s Fayre in early September.

I also got a text yesterday from a guy who used to work with me asking me to do a bit of work for a friend of his who is starting a new business so I should find the details of this out pretty soon and hopefully get a bit more work to keep me busy!


What Next …

Well for those of you who don’t already know … I’ve pretty much finished final year at UUJ with the exception of my final presentation for my Major Project tomorrow … after that I am officially no longer a student and have currently no job to go to!

I think my current plan is to use the summer to catch up on some freelance work that had to be put on hold due to the volume of work in the last few months and then spend the rest of the summer relaxing and trying to earn a bit of money from my part-time job and any freelance projects I can get my hands on.

It’s strange not knowing what the next step is going to be … with my GCSEs I knew A-Levels came next and with A-Levels I knew university life came next … but what comes after uni … I guess I’ll find out soon enough!